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Engineers and construction professionals thrive when they get stuff done. It is hard work, and the hardest part of it is the people side--managing relationships, both internal and external. 

Work-life balance, communication, delegation, empowerment, and listening are primary skills that need constant sharpening. For 20 years, I have been helping executives, project managers, directors and business owners intentionally get better at what they love to do.

Let's start a conversation about the long-term value of coaching, and what metrics we can use to make sure you and your key people get the sustainable progress you deserve.

Our Approach

"Hiring a coach was the best business decision I ever made". -Eric Schmidt, CEO Google.  

Often, it takes at least 2 months (at no expense to you) of confidential exploration, of listening, of identifying challenges that we can help with. Only then will we propose a process plan that will give tangible, measurable, and sustainable results for you, your team, and your key people.

We bring experience, wisdom, tactical and strategic creativity, empathy, structure and feedback to our clients in non-judgmental and supportive conversations.

Why Us?

We have the training and experience and passion that you expect from a masterful professional. Our client companies are fiercely loyal to us because we continue to bring value over time. We care. We listen, 

Clients have described us: "...accountability partner, ...great sounding board, guide for communication skills, anchor for defining core values, source of motivation, unconditional support in challenging times, shoulder-to-shoulder partner".

You and every one of your team is a key, high potential performer with skills that can always be improved upon. Prove that you are a learning and flexible organization.  Hire a coach.

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