June 28, 2008

Marty was my executive coach for nearly 8 years.  He helped me through some tough business cycles and became a close friend and confidant.  He’s a great listener and I always felt comfortable sharing everything with him.  He was always objective and would ask great questions to bring clarity to any situation, business or personal.  Marty is a must for entrepreneurs who want to grow and learn.

Vijay Sajja, CEO Evergent Technologies

December 1, 2007

Marty has been my business coach since 2001, and he has guided me as my business has tripled in size during that time.  Marty is very easy to work with, and I enjoy our conversations.  At the same time, Marty challenges me to meet and exceed my goals and he helps me stay on task when events threaten to overwhelm me.  I would recommend Marty and his coaching services to anyone who has a desire to be prosperous in all aspects of their life.

Chris Blair, Regional Manager, Money Concepts

October 30, 2007


When I look back on what I’ve learned over our last 4 months together, several things come to mind:

Responding rather than reacting. There is so much going on here, that it’s really easy to react to something (an email, a comment, a new organization) rather than thoughtfully respond.  A thoughtful response can prevent negativity around the issue and also lead to a solution faster.  This has helped me a lot in working through the development of [two important] ...launches which were accepted by leadership as presented with no changes.

Setting boundaries. While I’ve always had a pretty clear idea of what I am willing to do or not do, I hadn’t thought about the behavior I am willing to accept from other people  Defining boundaries that I won’t cross, and won’t accept others crossing has been helpful in refining my role... Understanding  [when someone has] crossed a personal and  professional boundary helped me talk about it and reach a mutually beneficial agreement about future appropriate behavior.

Soliciting feedback. I’ve always asked for feedback, and sometimes felt like I received constructive information and sometimes not so much.  You have helped me develop a feedback tool that gives me constructive information on which I can build.

Looking for nuggets.  You always ask me about the nugget I receive from each conversation.  I try to take that concept now into each day and think about my nugget for the day.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than realizing that something was easier than I thought it would be.  For that, I’ve now purchased the easy button and hit it as often as I can.

Kim Rosengren, Marketing Director, TriZetto Group

March 8, 2010

Marty has been our Business Coach here at Dynalectric for the last ten years.  When I first met Marty in 2000 I was highly skeptical of the whole “coaching” thing.  At the time it was not as popular as it is today and frankly didn’t seem the “manly” way of going about things.  However at that time I had just taken over Dynalectric and I had issues regarding not only the people within the firm but a general lack of direction and did not have anyone to turn to for advice.

At the time Marty had only a fair understanding of what our business is.  I was concerned about that but it really didn’t matter and indeed was/is a real benefit.  The reason I way this is that I get plenty of “coaching” information from our trade associations, corporate educational processes, etc.  Generally the same stuff over and over.  Marty brought and continues to bring fresh ideas to handling situations when it comes to dealing with a problem employee, client relationships, proposal preparations and overall day-to-day observations of how we manage the business with an outside perspective.  I find this both helpful and refreshing.  From time to time he may come up with an idea that I feel just doesn’t fit.  Marty’s approach to these situations is moth mature and healthy.  He will challenge you to think over your approach but not be forceful with his ideas.

As a quick example of how he helps, just recently I had a strong conflict between two very good executive level employees.  Marty worked with both of them separately to help them see their contribution to the conflict and as a result the two of them have embarked on a much more trusting relationship.   Marty’s participation in the process allowed me to stay neutral but involved.

Marty keeps himself well educated on the latest publications and articles regarding management which I take advantage of since I don’t have the time to read all of them myself.

I’ll end on a more personal note.  Of anything that Marty has done for me, I value most his constant coaching to insure I keep a balance between the stress of running the business and my person space and time.  Without his encouragement I’m sure I would already be burned out.

Craig Clark, CEO/President, Dynalectric Colorado

March 8, 2010

I can’t speak enough about how much help Marty has brought to our organization.  Not only in the team building processes be began some 5 years ago, but also with the succession planning I have been working through these past few years.  He is articulate and well prepared to deal with the issues facing many of our businesses in this difficult economic climate.

Jim Durant, President & CEO, Trautman & Shreve, Mechanical Contractors and Engineers