Executive Coaching


...is growth, over time.

How do you know you need an Executive Coach?

        You may ...

  1. Sense you need a new perspective and a jolt of energy into your leadership.

  2.   Be frustrated by the gap between your or your team’s potential and the actual results.

  3.   Be at wit’s end dealing with the same people problems month-in and month-out

  4.   Be troubled by the differences in commitment, leadership capabilities, and values of your emerging successors.

  5.   Be seeing the results of eroding trust on team morale.

  6.   Get impatient for your high potential key people to “get with the program.”

  7.   Feel that your “go-to” people are running on empty.

  1. Are you challenged to provide unrelenting first order leadership?

  2.   Are you ready to learn new ways to clearly energize and implement your vision?

  1. Are you impatient for high potential key personnel to “get with the program”?

Your business is about relationships, conversations, trust, reliability, and the bottom line.

Almost everyone needs a confidant: someone to talk to about the really key issues you are facing without judging; an impartial observer; an independent ally.  Your executive coach will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you adjust and refine and grow your successful business.


I invite you to email or call, and we will talk about your needs and see if our coaching skills and resources match those needs.

The best way to find out?  Let’s have a conversation about values and people.

The best advice I ever got? Hire a coach. 

         --Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO, Google