Assessments defining how and where you want to grow, and then measuring.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another.

  --Carl Jung

You will be surprised at the detail provided by these online assessments, which have been shown over millions of respondents to have a high degree of validity and accuracy.

Modern business in many ways has become a business of metrics.  Everyone is being measured at all times--efficiency, effectiveness, employee retention, customer retention, positioning, exposures, conversion rates.  Gurus from Demming to Welch all say the same thing:  if you can’t measure it, don’t do it. 

So, how do you measure your people?  Are you trying to hire just the right person, or are you interested in supporting an existing employee to grow or improve in a specific skill set?  Human behavior is incredibly complex, and every manager knows there is more than one way to achieve specific results.  We also know that there is huge value in diversity:  flexibility, adaptability, new perspectives, faster rate of adjustment to setbacks, etc.

Assessment tools for business people have progressed to the point where they can provide a substantial competitive edge:

  1. you will have a better match between people and their specific job;

  2. you will make better hires;

  3. you will have better communication within your company;

  4. your people will have a better idea about how to talk with each other;

  5. your people will feel more empowered;

  6. your people will be more effective and interested in learning new skills.

Do you have a favorite business book or article that has become a centerpiece of your initiatives or culture?  Please let us know and we’ll include it in our bibliography.

On-Line Assessments

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  2. -360 Degree

  3. -Emotional Intelligence

  4. -Myers-Briggs

Other Assessments

  1. -Team Functionality

  2. -Corporate Culture