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Delta Coaching Group was formed in 1998 to provide growth-oriented business leaders with specialized and customized coaching services. Each business has unique challenges.  Each deals with a unique personnel chemistry. Every leader approaches strategic thinking, team strengthening, and internal development in a unique manner. So the processes involved in growth, learning, and speedy adaptability must be unique.

Founder and head coach Marty Page collaborates with Delta Coaching clients to create customized growth pathways that lead to ongoing success.  He will bring in other coaches as needed to respond to different client requirements.

Marty Page is a Professional Business Coach with nearly 30 years experience in business.  His broad background includes financial services brokerage, project management, software development and business startups.  His passion is working with executives, supporting them to find their strengths and then to take extraordinary actions.  He is an entrepreneur.  He has enjoyed great success in Sales and Marketing for several different companies, including his own, and yet counts his contributions to others’ success among his highest achievements.

He received a BA in English from Pomona College, and took Graduate training at University of Colorado and University of Denver in communications and business.  He has significant international business experience and speaks French and German.  He has been a business coach since 1999 and typically works with the CEO, the Executive Team, a Divison/Department head, or with high potential team members who need specific skill set development.  His average corporate client retention of over four years speaks to the nature of his approach to coaching:  it takes time, commitment, and hard work to change behavior.

Marty is a 1999 graduate of a preeminent coach’s training organization, CoachUniversity.  He has filled his practice with business people from across the nation and abroad who are interested in expanding their skill set and attaining success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.  He specializes in working with executive-level professionals in a broad arena of issues, including succession planning, organizational development, vision and mission work, team-building, delegating, communication improvement, listening, specific personnel concerns, and strategic planning.

He was a long-time Colorado resident, and has raised a wonderful family.  He with his wife Kathy re-located to Portland, Oregon in 2013 where he enjoys many outdoor activities, art, music, and consistently chooses a positive yet authentic attitude.  He is known as kind, creative, blunt, intuitive and insightful.

111 SE 111th Avenue

Portland, OR  USA